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Advanced Marketing

Third-year specialization - 60 ECTS

Advanced Marketing at Harstad University College is a one-year full time specialization for students that have completed a two-year programme at university level. All lectures and literature will be in English.

Professional Opportunities

The programme will form a good basis for the student’s first step towards a position in a market-oriented organisation. As this marketing programme is of an analytical nature, it qualifies the student for positions in marketing and sales departments in both small and medium sized companies within the fields of retailing, travel and tourism, export and international enterprises.

Target Group

The programme targets students who aspire to work within marketing and communication in the future, as well as people already working within the field of marketing and communication in a company or an organisation and as such seek to develop the theoretical competence required to develop themselves and their workplace. The programme is also suitable for foreign students who want to spend one semester or an entire academic year at Harstad University College.

Programme Outline

The programme may form part of a bachelor degree in combination with other university programmes. It is a one-year programme and it consists of 4 different disciplines, each yielding the following credits:

Learning Outcomes

The programme focuses on marketing and communication connected to international customers, as well as the use of digital media of communication, such as the Internet, in connection with the marketing of a company.
The purpose of the programme is to provide the students with theoretical insight into and understanding of various conditions related to international marketing, and to offer students wishing to specialise in marketing, a comprehensive programme.
Harstad University College aims at developing the competence and skills required in marketing. Participation in and completion of this programme will help students acquire analytical skills which will help them understand how, and by what means marketing and communication tools may be used in a profitable manner for the company or organisation for which they will work in the future.

Admission Requirements

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