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Welcome to our student cafeteria! We have all you need - hot and cold meals, traditional Norwegian cooking (dinnertime), soup, salad, snacks, cakes etc. Each week's menu is always available on the net, or on the glass wall to the right when you approach the counter.


Opening hours:
Monday - Thursday   08:00 - 16:45
Fridays                    08:00 - 14:00
Be aware that hour opening hours will be adjusted in relation to school holidays.

Outside opening hours:
You'll find hot and cold drinks, food and snacks in the slot machines situated by the enterance of the cafeteria.
Christmas party? Graduation party?
If you are 20 people or more, you can arrange any party in cooperation with us. Please get in touch with us by email.

SiHa mug
First year students will have a SiHa thermo mug for use at school. Please use it, all hot drinks will be cheaper for you and you'll contribute positively to the environment!

Traditional cooking and dinner discount cards
Our dinner is served from 13.00 until 15.30. Most of the time we serve traditional Norwegian cooking for dinner. Close to Christmas you'll find our traditional Christmas dishes! Dinner is cheap and healty! If you buy a discont card, it is even cheaper.
Long queue? 
Keeping the queue as short as possible is a challenge when several hundred people need to be served at the same time! Please, contribute by keeping your money ready and avoid long mobile conversations :-) while the others are waiting.

Help yourself to some salad and bread. You pay at the counter, it's proced according to the wheight of the food on your plate.

We always have soup as a hot lunch alternative. The soup is healthy and home made. Bread is included.

About once every eight weeks there is a help yourself buffet. It is always linked to a theme, like Italian food, American Food, Cheese, Tapas, Pizza, etc.. You pay at the counter (take good care of your receipt) and eat as much as you like!

We are always happy to receive your suggestions and comments! Do not hesitate to get in touch with us! Please, use the "suggestion" box!

Havnegata 9 - 9480 Harstad - Phone: +47 77 05 81 50 - Fax: +47 77 05 81 53
E-mail: - E-mail : Webmaster