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SiHa can offer students 132 places in our 4 housing complexes, everything from single bedrooms with common living areas (hybel) to large family apartments. All apartments have free internet access and cable TV.


Hybel 1 room flats 2 rooms 3 rooms 5 rooms
Rådyrveien   Kr.3250,- Kr.4300,- Kr.5000,- Kr.6250,-
Flåtenveien Kr.2950,- Kr.3800,-      
Tordenskjold Kr.3150/3350        
Storvollen Kr.2850,-   Kr.4700,- Kr.5700,-  

All of the prices for the hybel (single rooms with common living areas) include electricity.

These prices will be the correct rates from the 1st of April 2015.

In addition to our own housing we also have information abouts lots of private properties available to rent.

The number of rooms and apartments we have however are not enough to meet the demand from all those students requiring a place to live in Harstad. Many students have to find private accommodation, we of course provide you with information about available housing.
All international students receive one of these alternatives through us, provided that you have sent an application form in due time (click here for Application form).
State your preferences when applying, we will always try to fulfill your wishes.
Very often though we have to find alternative flats or rooms outside of our student residences, but generally the standard of housing is good in Harstad.
The prices are also very reasonable compared to other parts of the country.

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